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Confront your fears…

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” – Joseph Campbell

Fear is reported to be a number one killer of dreams. It has claimed so many dreams than any other thing you can ever imagine. This word FEAR is used as an acronym for False Expectation Appearing Real. An expectation is something that exists in your mind, not in reality, I must emphasise. This is more like guessing what the weather will be like the next day.

The first step to confronting your FEAR is to realise and acknowledge that you have gifts, talents and abilities given to you by God at birth. And that without living these gifts, your life won’t count for anything, it will be empty, painful and unbearable. This realisation and acknowledgement will create power, that special drive within you that will push you through your FEARS. The truth is that whatever you RESIST will persist. If you resist your fear, it will keep on troubling you. Just acknowledge that you have fear and move forward anyhow.

Imagine yourself being more than able and capable of handling your fear. Accept FEAR as a Fact not a Force to block you from achieving your dreams. FEAR has no Force except the one you give it, this is just an EXPECTATION you are entertaining. Just accept the Fact that you are afraid and move on anyhow. Watch your inner conversation, discipline your thinking and imagination because if you don’t, your mind will take you on a wild trip. Whenever you hear your lower-self talking to you about what you can’t do, it’s time to stand up to it and loudly talk to yourself. Use affirmations. Be your own motivator, build yourself by seriously talking to yourself affirming how great you are. You really have to stand up inside yourself. The world and people around you may be putting or pushing you down but if you are standing up inside yourself, you will be unstoppable. You will eventually conquer.

You either have control over your FEAR or FEAR has control over YOU! What FEAR are you allowing to imprison you? To victimise you? You are much better than False Expectations you are having and entertaining in your mind.

FEAR has no force except the one you give it. I was told a few times before that I couldn’t write a book, host my own seminar, speak in front of huge audiences, but I stood up inside myself and refused to be denied and today no one is telling me I can’t do these things because I have done them against all odds. You have the power to unleash that greatness you have within you and the world will reward you abundantly.

Refuse to be denied by this fear, don’t let it hold you by the scruff of your neck and deprive you of your greatness. You deserve the very best that life has to offer.

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