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Doing Business in Africa Series

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Egbe Adeoye in conversation with Yomi Jemibewon

Doing Business in Africa is not for the faint hearted. But, for those who are curious about what is possible, who approach it with curiousity and courage, and are in for the ‘long game’ in the interest of both Africa and their own individual success; personal and business gains abound. Not always in dollars and cents either.

This is the message at the heart of Yomi Jemibewon’s book, Risk and Return. What a pleasure to read a story that lays the entrepeneur’s challenges bare and still has the optimism to keep going. You can feel it as you read Yomi’s book. You hear it as you listen to him speak.

This book is important. As more and more of us Africans decide to ‘come back’ and build #theafricawewant it is books like these, and stories like Yomi’s that become a necessary part of our arsenal.

We are the stories we tell, with gems like “the moment you feel you’re settled, you’re already lagging behind”, “ask yourself how do I calibrate against global excellence”, and, my favourite, “admit your fears and dare to share”; you understand why Yomi’s story and his book are a ‘must’ and should be part of any young African entrepeneur’s booklist. It’s the personal insight of someone who’s in the trenches so to speak. Someone who is taking time to reflect on the quality and impact of his actions, and is recalibrating for what’s next.

Enjoy this conversation with my homeboy about his book Risk and Return.

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