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The Deloitte Millennial Survey 2017

As we venture into the dynamics of generational workforce theory and the many interesting developments that arise around this phenomenon, the desire to know and understand more about our younger generations has never been greater. The recent release of the Deloitte Millennial 2017 survey has uncovered some fascinating findings. The impact on the environment, socially and politically has come through strongly; this need to do good and make a social impact has reared its head yet again.

Key findings from the research highlight the following:
A belief that business could do more:

  • 76% of millennials believe business has the power to make a positive impact, but at the same time they don’t believe multinational business is doing enough in this regard.
  • 62% believe business is doing more to help society.
  • 74% believe business has the potential to solve the challenges that concern them, but only 54% believe that they are doing so.

Stability and Flexibility

  • In a period of uncertainty millennials want the best of both worlds; 65% of millennials would prefer a permanent job rather than working freelance or as a consultant, but they want flexibility as well as they believe this brings value to them.
  • 64% think flexibility improves their well-being, health and happiness.
  • For millennials who have flexible working arrangements, 67% believe flexibility has a positive impact on productivity.
  • 65% believe flexibility enhances their work/life balance.
  • 65% think flexibility increases their levels of engagement with work.
  • 62% feel flexibility has a positive impact on their organisation’s ability to meet their objectives.
  • 65% think flexibility increases their levels of engagement with work.
  • 56% believe flexibility enhances their organisation’s financial performance.
  • Technology is changing the way we work. Millennials believe this will bring more opportunities than risks.
  • 46% see employers making significant use of automation/ robotics/ AI to reduce human involvement.

Millennials see technology benefiting the wider community and themselves

  • 62% feel productivity will increase.
  • 53% believe it will drive economic growth.
  • 50% think it will enhance an organisations ability to use people flexibility and increase the time to spend on value-added projects.
  • 53% believe the workplace will become more impersonal.
  • 51% believe they will need to retrain.
  • 40% believe technology will put their jobs at risk.

The Deloitte Annual Millennial Survey adds tremendous value South Africa and the globe at large.
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