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Ethical Leadership: Being, doing and ensuring good

At a glance
The question of leadership excellence within the Leadership Universe is simultaneously the question about ethical (or good) leadership. Why? Because leadership determines the ethical acceptable ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘whereto’ of the future-directed and –pursued dream, legacy and journey through the Leadership Universe.

Leadership making a difference, and achieving results, does not of necessity imply ethical leadership. Without the latter as counter weight, the former may be immoral and unsustainable. The Hitlers and Stalins of this world throughout history attests to this: leaders who attained short term results but have had disastrous outcomes over the longer term because of the immorality of their cause.

Typically unethical and toxic leadership co-habituate in the same person. Furthermore, ethical leadership also does not mean competent leadership. One may find highly ethical leaders who are incompetent. True ethical leadership also is infused by leadership maturity.

Hence, sustainable leadership excellence within the Leadership Universe demands ethical, able, authentic and mature leadership.

Overall ethical leadership is the outcome of the reciprocal interactions between three critical elements: Leadership, followers as the Others and World, the three spheres of the Leadership Universe, elucidated in Stop-over 3.
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  1. Lynette Naidoo Lynette Naidoo

    The ethics and power dissonance!… the focus and goal post gets shifted away from ethics. Authenticity and maturity really do matter. Thank you for addressing this critical issue that needs attention in our organisations!

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