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The Future of Work Series: Episode 3

Egbe Adeoye in conversation with Dr Morné Mostert

In this episode I get to speak with Dr Morne Mostert from the Institute of Futures Research at Stellenbosch University.  Go Maties!

Morne is a powerful combination of intelligence, humour and intentionality. Nothing ‘’just happens’’ and yet everything comes together in a seriously fun way. I laughed hard and learnt a lot. Discerning the future or should I say ‘’futures’’ is serious, but it should not be faced with fear. There are skills we can all develop. We become what we put our energies towards. Where is your head at?  In understanding what’s already been? In the now? Or, in imagining and creating what could be?  Listen to find out what Dr Mostert recommends as the ideal ratio.  Enjoy.

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