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What was the Global Cost of Talent in 2017?

Talent are more empowered than ever before to choose where they start their professional careers and remuneration will always be a key factor in their employment considerations. Achieving optimum talent attraction requires that you provide competitive wages, however it should not require that you overpay to accomplish this. In order to remain competitive you have to match your Employer Branding and wages with the salary expectations of the country, market and industry.
Yesterday, Universum released its annual Cost of Talent Report. This year’s Global Cost of Talent report is based on the feedback from 533,351 Business and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) students from 29 countries who participated in Universum’s 2017 Talent Survey. In order to assess the cost of talent in each country they asked business and STEM students what they expect to earn at their first job after graduating from university, the question being:
What salary do you expect to earn in your first job after graduation
Head over to the Universum website to learn more about the Cost of Talent and download your free copy of the report.

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