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Holistic leadership – a presentation by Rajesh Kamath

Summarised by Carol Butcher

Shared three codes of holistic leadership. Any leader that is not a holistic leader is not going to be a talent leader.

A holistic leader deeply believes and cares for community, ecology and the economy.

Community is at the centre of the circle of human beings. Ecology is everything in the universe around the human being. The economy is talking about creating wealth.

Achilles, the favourite hero in Greek mythology had a weak point even though he was a hero. If any of the three elements are not treated with equal respect it will become the Achilles heel for the business, the country, the world. A holistic leader does not miss out on any of these three.

Consider two levels – people lead, profit follows.

Kamath referred to Daniel Pink. Modern employees are looking for autonomy, mastery and purpose.

Holistic leaders with purpose as a lever include Gandhi and Srikanth Bolla, Dr Anil Khandelwal and Anand Mahindra.

We live in a VUCA world.

Kamath used the term OAR leadership. Oar is a Hindi term meaning direction.
Oar refers to:

  • Ownership of purpose
  • Accountability of people
  • Responsibility of profits.

Kamath referred to Gross National Happiness. Here, you strive for development with values and make the world a better place.

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