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Included Series, Episode 7: Myth Busting

The included Podcast has been designed as a tool to bring the practice of inclusion into the forefront of how we do business.

In this episode Egbe Adeoye, host on #TTA Radio, brought to you by Talenttalks, continues her conversation with Roy Gluckman, the founder and CEO of Cohesion Collective (CoCo) on some common myths offered by organisations as excuses for lack of inclusion within organisational spaces.

In the discussion, Egbe and Roy agree that even though it would not be correct to say that the narratives advanced by organisations are all false, it can be noted that such narratives reflect of the reality that some organisations are refusing to interrogate their thinking. Roy says: “These narratives are being used as a tool to deflect and defer responsibility.” He continues, “These myths are lazy responses to what our real social, economic, mental, emotional, physical, even issues that people deal with every day in this workplace where we say we want the best people.”

The idea that “She’s a great candidate but does not fit our culture” is discussed and the agreement is that this is just a proxy for other biases.

The two also discuss the myth that black talent is always moving because of money, and Roy argues that this is a lazy answer to a more complex problem.

The call to action: Through self-introspection, organisations need to identify the real reasons why a specific talent demographic is not feeling at home in the organisation.

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  • Where are the good black people? – 02:09
  • Why are they so sensitive? – 03:07
  • Where the narratives come from – 04:53
  • Not a good culture fit – 05:39
  • Age discrimination – 07:22
  • The idea of the good blacks – 11:54
  • Young black talent always moves for money – 17:38
  • Myths are lazy responses- 22:32
  • The oblivion of senior leadership- 26:42

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