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Travel Guide for Leadership Excellence – Stop-Over 10

Travel Guide for Leadership Excellence in the newly emerging order


At a glance
The Other Sphere forms the middle sphere of the Leadership Universe. This Sphere is all about the relationships leadership has with stakeholders who have to be converted into Followers with respect to the future-directed dream, and consequential legacy, leadership is pursuing.

The basis of the leadership’s relationships with Others in this Sphere is the Leadership Process. The process forms the action focus point of leadership’s persuasive influence as she enacts her relationship with Others. The process with its composite actions make up the leadership value chain. It is the means through which leadership creates and grows interpersonal value and capital in her relationships with her Followers .

The Leadership Process is embedded in all of the multiple relationships in which and through which Ieadership has to lead:

  • Achieving with my superiors: The leader(ship) I report into
  • Achieving with One: My one-on-one, interpersonal relationships
  • Achieving with Many: The team(s) I have to lead
  • Achieving with my Colleagues: My peers/ fellow leaders
  • Achieving with Those who have a say: My more, ‘removed’ stakeholders

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