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Learning at the speed of business

As we all start to slow down, we thought it appropriate to start collating an array of really good beach reading for you.

The first of a series of articles is on corporate academies and is titled ‘Learning at the speed of business’.  This interesting article is just another reminder of the implications of technology and makes one realise how digital is in our faces, in every facet of our lives.

The article presents some interesting findings on surveys conducted with global executives and starts to fine tune our ears around the intricacies of capability building.  What was pleasing about the authors take on learning academies is that digital presents the most phenomenal opportunities for us but at the same time there is still the case for some traditional norms, like face-to-face and interaction learning.

Collaboration is celebrated at its best when learning happens collectively with the latest developments of digital, interwoven with incredible learning spaces and network learning, providing a plethora of some superb ways to future proof your organisation.  Moreover, we are reminded that the ability of an organisation to express its commitment to capacity building at the very highest levels is undoubtedly a guaranteed key to success.

This article highlights the importance of organisations requiring a nimble balance between digital and physical platforms, cultural messaging and technical content, and real-time and actively shared learning.  So go grab that cold can of coke and enjoy the read whilst you soak up the sun… oh and don’t forget that factor 50+ sun protection.

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