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Questioning your limiting beliefs

  1. If you could go back one year into the past, what advice would you give yourself?
    I would slow down and maintain focus on aspects that supported my holistic growth as an individual and professional. It is possible to have limiting beliefs as its part of the learning journey and questioning it is important. I would probably leave less room for it to occupy my thinking time.

  2. What surprised you over the last couple of months?
    The ability to quickly navigate and adapt to a new way of work at home in addition to attending to personal responsibilities. In doing this, I learnt to create space for continued learning and time to think which led me to reassess how I contribute at work and towards the lives of those close to me in a more meaningful way.
  1. What learnings are you taking with you into the future?
    There are so many people out there willing to help or support you along your journey and I found that with the right intent, you naturally attract the relationships and resources you need to grow but more importantly to contribute to the lives of others.

Khushboo is an HR lead in the Banking industry.  She is an Honours graduate and an experienced HR Professional with broad and diverse experience working in 2 leading National companies and specialist project experience in: Goal setting, Change Management and Performance Management.   Skilled in Talent Management, HR Consulting, Business Partner Support, Coaching, and Industrial Relations. Completed a Post graduate diploma in Management with distinctions in Principles of Human Resource management and Strategic Human Resource development

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