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Contextual Engagement Travel Guide for Leadership Excellence in the newly emerging order


At a glance

From previous Stop-overs in the Leadership Universe we have learnt the criticality of understanding and accepting Myself as leader (Sphere 1: Myself, Stop-over 8); and engaging with Others who have to be turned into passionate Followers through constructive, healthy relationships (Sphere 2: Others, Stop-overs 9 and 10).

In this Stop-over we are visiting Sphere 3: World, the outer sphere of the Leadership Universe. This is the final, all embracing sphere that provides the setting for Spheres 1 and 2. Jointly the Spheres form a holistic ecosystem with a certain quality of livability.

Leadership and their organisations are always embedded in a certain World as Context. Context, Organisation and Leadership form an inseparable, seamless, holographic, dynamic whole. The one cannot be understood without the other, since they reciprocally interact, co-evolve and unfold.

Excellence leadership requires, firstly, choosing the appropriate contextual vantage point; secondly,having an in depth understanding of the Context with its accompanying leadership challenges, demands and requirements; and, thirdly, being able to engage constructively with the Context.

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