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The New Professional's 2018 Career Guide

Your guide to intentional career planning and consequent success in 2018.
Artificial Intelligence. Bitcoin. Self-driving cars. Drones. The Internet of Things. 3D Printing. Wearable Tech. Augmented Reality. Big Data. Machine Learning. Automation.
These are the terms that dominated headlines and trend reports throughout 2017. They were signals, or rather,
pervasive warning signs, that the world as we know it has moved on from an era characterised by simple digitisation to
the implementation and arrival of fundamental technological changes – an era termed the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Workplace and workforce reskilling is now a hot topic on the global agenda, and both businesses and working professionals
are urged to pay attention. January 2017 saw world leaders converge in Davos for the World Economic Forum’s Annual
Conference, where discussions on the Fourth Industrial Revolution took centre stage.
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