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Podcast with Funeka Montjane

The New Ways of Working Show (NWOW) interviews Funeka Montjane, Chief Executive, Personal and Business Banking, South Africa at the Standard Bank Group.
I don’t have to say more. Funeka is a titan in South African business. She is making not only an impact in banking but also changing South Africa.
For me personally this is a highlight show and will stay with me for a while to come. As one of my friends in New Zealand said: “Listening to this I was deeply moved”.

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Show Notes

00:00 – Intro
01:46 – Transforming to New Ways of Working (agile at scale) within a business (non-IT) environment
03:44 – Biggest lessons
05:46 – The importance of Servant Leadership & Leaders’ Belief Systems*
09:07 – The hardest part of the journey
12:43 – Another key lesson on organisational change
14:57 – Holding the space
16:30 – Advice to women in business
20:00 – The Week of Pain! (Management team’s weekly rituals)
21:54 – Personal daily rituals
Source: The NWOW Show

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