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Responding to the Price War with Training

Training the rookies, coaching the pros and hiring the best.

ALAF Limited is Tanzania’s largest roofing sheet producer. The company was incorporated in 1960 and is part of the SAFAL Group. Visit SAFAL Group’s website to find out more. The SAFAL Group is Africa’s largest producer of steel roofing and one of the world’s two largest providers of AluminiumZinc (ZincAL) coated steel.

Starting as a local government school and then transforming into the Institute of Development Management and later into a fully-fledged university, Mzumbe University has a history of over 50 years experience in the administration of justice, business management, public administration, accountancy, finance, political science and good governance. Training and research is one of the most important mandates stipulated by the Mzumbe University Charter. The university is committed to providing knowledge that truly prepares its graduates to face the challenges of the business world.

For the last 50 years, ALAF has been providing the highest quality standards in the roofing sheet industry. The company owns many of Tanzania’s most loved and trusted steel roofing brands. During the last decade, the economies of East Africa, including Tanzania, have been witnessing an influx of foreign traders and importers that possess no integrated manufacturing stake and value-added investment in the country. The latter companies can offer lower prices since they are willing to accept compromises in the quality delivered. The consumer is not always informed that the lower prices are justified by a lower value proposition. It’s ALAF job to communicate the long-term advantage of buying a quality oriented mabati.

Responding to a Price War with Training (Download Here)

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