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The SABPP Women’s Report 2017: Fairness in relation to women at work

Do you really know how to manage women at work? The SABPP Women’s Reports are aimed at empowering you with evidence-based information to know how to act and think about women-specific management, leadership and HR-practices. If you think that information about women is meant for women only, think twice. The SABPP Women’s Reports provide a glimpse of the world of work through the eyes of women which often leads to improvements for both men and women. For instance, is maternity leave fair on men? Should women be treated differently at work in order to be fair towards them? These are questions that we aim to answer in the 2017 Report. The topic of this year’s report is: Fairness in relation to women at work.

In Chapter 1 we consider how society leads itself into believing that our lived experience of gender relations is a given – and how we may start changing our thinking so that gender relations in the workplace can improve. Chapter 2 provides a glimpse of fairness when it comes to the private world of families. In this chapter we are called to consider how gender relations are political and the consequences of the exclusion of care in society. Chapter 3 focuses on the structural inequalities of gender at work and provides a rationale for justice for women. Chapter 4 focuses on paternity leave and how Employment Law may not be fair towards men and same-sex partners. The last chapter presents a Human Resource Management view on the justification for fairness towards women at work.

This year’s report explores that alternative truth in order to influence leaders, HR practitioners and line managers to think before they act. We invite you to inform yourself about these matters in order to advance your leadership and HR-practice. The report is co-sponsored by the University of Stellenbosch Business School and the University of Johannesburg.

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