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The SAGEA Employer Benchmark and Candidate Insights 2018

Press Release
Graduate recruitment amongst the leading graduate employers is optimistic for the upcoming year, while securing
the highest-calibre candidates remains extremely competitive.
Results from an independent survey of leading employers in South Africa shows that these
organisations are set to recruit record numbers of graduates in 2018 & 2019. The SAGEA Employer
Benchmark Survey 2018 is based on responses from 91 of the leading graduate employers in the
country. It provides encouraging news for students looking for their first job upon graduation.
Competition for the very best candidates remains extremely high. The SAGEA Candidate Insights
Survey 2018 – an online questionnaire with 2,281 new or future employees – showed that while
candidates made an average of five or six applications, three-fifths had secured multiple job offers.
While most employers received in excess of 1,500 applications, many said there was a shortage of
candidates with the right skills and qualifications.
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