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Africa. Local context. Global excellence. Growing talent.

Talenttalks believes Africa has what it needs to create the sustainable and growth focused future we want; without losing our humanity. We use Africa’s gift of narrative to spark thinking and impact doing in corporate spaces.

Through our web platform and other social media, we provide a unique interface connecting corporate Africa to Africans and the world, and vice versa. Fresh articles, research reports and interviews are published daily and distributed to over 3,000 of our subscribers and our active social media network. We connect thought leaders, C-suite executives, talent professionals, line managers and talent at every level within the organisation.

We are positioning ourselves as the most talked about talent portal in Africa and globally – the ‘go to place’ for thought leadership and points of view on carefully curated, quality content on topical business and leadership issues which showcase Africa’s talent and its success stories. We seek to educate, entertain, inform, engage, inspire, challenge, collaborate, push boundaries and ignite ongoing conversations in the talent space, cross-generationally, crossculturally, across all levels of the organisation and all sectors of the economy.

Our editorial team and our contributors are passionate about talent. We recognise that talent is an organisation’s hearbeat, core strength and differentiator. We celebrate the fact that talent is not defined by race, creed, gender, age, educational level, or organisational level.

Using the seven (7) themes of #African Excellence (stories of real people making a difference); Authentic Leadership; Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging; Doing Business in Africa; Future of Work; Learning & Innovation; and Wellbeing in the Workplace, we create a neutral, quality curated space for sharing thought leadership content. A magic happens, inspiring a confidence as organizations own their story, telling it as it happens. Employees and external stakeholders engage in new and different ways.

Talenttalks Offer

In a changing world of work, the importance of a human and consistent Employee Experience is becoming more urgent for organizations. Talenttalks Africa provides a believable voice and offers you a unique solution to the challenges of keeping employees connected, and positively amplifying your employer brand, in an increasingly complex world of work.

We offer value based Employee Experience advisory services, Employer Brand profiling, as well as Master classes on topical issues facing organizations and employees today. Talenttalks solutions are tailored to amplify the corporate employer brand reputation; externally, reaching clients and potential employees and internally building engagement and optimizing the impact of your employer value proposition.

Our clients include multinationals in retail, food and beverage and chemicals industries. We have worked with CEOs, CHROs, as well as CMOs and CXOs to tell the human stories of business triumph in the face of adversity, shifting cultures, talent, and business excellence.

The Talenttalks Team

Talenttalks is run by Sue de Waal, founding partner; and Egbe Adeoye, partner. We come from industry, we have strong networks in both industry and academia, and we know talent. We have access to multiple platforms and thought leaders. We are independent, and we position ourselves as a trusted partner. Through us you can tell your stories. Reach out to us at

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