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Talenttalks TV: Barbara Walsh & Danny Tuckwood Teaser

Barbara Walsh & Danny Tuckwood, Metaco

The Team Challenge

2020 has certainly brought with it more changes at every level of business and society than we could ever have imagined. We started this year knowing that we needed to connect better with our stakeholders, become more proficient in our use of technology, and improve our agility in order to adapt through waves of change. We had little conception for what lay ahead.

Very little works like it used to. The world has changed beyond recognition and there are no obvious solutions. The complexity of this environment impacts our ability to lead through the multiple demands upon us, make quality decisions and take concise action to move forward.

In this Talents Talks TV episode, Barbara Walsh, Managing Director of Metaco is in conversation with Metaco’s Operations Director, Danny Tuckwood. They discuss why we need to learn to engage the combined thinking of multiple perspectives, to build ideas and create solutions that are more than the sum of the parts. Developing the capacity of high value-creating teams is now crucial to business success.

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