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Unmasking the sources of stagnation. Ep 3

Episode 3 : Leading Change

Lita Currie in conversation with Jeremy Barty

Jeremy Barty, the ‘’Change Maverick’’  is an engaging facilitator and his sweet spot is working with groups experientially to bring about change.

As human’s we’re wired for change – according to neuroscience, our bodies are made to adapt and change. New and different things are quite natural. Our brain has the characteristic of neuroplasticity.

Why are we bad at changing?

Change involves:

  • External collective – we are going to do this together
  • Internal personal – this is me

Business is not good at translating the collective agenda into the personal application.  How do the individuals do their personal piece to achieve the overall collective?

How can the individual be better at change – more receptive, quicker to respond?

  • Leaders need to be doing the personal change if they expect everyone with their business to do that
  • Increase internal reflection – MC4C helps them reflect in the circumstances, and how they can change to affect the change.  Internal reflection is very anti-corporate
  • Change is an experience, not a theory – you have to change
  • The way of change is not the way of productivity – risks, try and see outcomes.  You can’t use the same paradigms.

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