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How to use visual thinking to drive a discussion on growth


“Growth” has been a buzz word in business since I joined corporate life as a wide-eyed graduate 25 years ago. Top-line growth, bottom-end growth, organic growth, strategic growth – the list is endless.

Using a strong visual metaphor for growth helps to engage your team in discussions on growth. Use the image of a plant or a tree to facilitate dialogue on growth – where do we plant the seeds, what are the inputs (compost, water, sunlight) that we need, what would the yield look like? The metaphor has endless applications: if the plant is in a pot, what does the pot represent? If the plant is in the wild, which animals would eat it? What is the risk of parasites or fungi? You can really have fun with it!

Lita Currie is owner and director of 3 Stickmen, a learning and development company that uses visual thinking to help people learn better.


She runs a one-day course on using visual thinking in business, called “Introduction to Graphic Facilitation”. To book, send an email to or book here.