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The war for talent is over. The talent won

The next generation of skilled workers won’t stay at your company forever. So make sure they leave a legacy from the short time they are with you, writes Sharmla Chetty.
Guess what? The world just changed. Within the next couple of years, Generation Z will enter the workplace.  ese guys – also known as the Homeland Generation – were born after we celebrated the coming of a new millennium and are too young to remember 9/11.  ey are the off spring of the new dawn, and they do things diff erently. Employers, many built to refl ect the needs and motivations of the Baby Boomers or Generation X, have quite a challenge on their hands. No longer do youngsters expect – or even want – a job for life. So sophisticated are their social and professional networks, they are able to screen every organization on the planet through digital conversation. Glassdoor, Facebook and Twitter mean there is no place to hide for businesses that haven’t tuned their HR practices into the hopes and dreams of the next cohort of skilled labour.  e war for talent is over – the talent won.
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