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We are the change

We can’t deny the fact that we are living at a rate of change that most of us are struggling to keep pace with.

Add to this the unprecedented threats to our personal and economic security, the ensuing chaos post poorly thought through political decisions (no I am not just referring to South Africa, but to the decisions that led to Brexit and most especially to whomever decided it was a good idea to let Trump run for President!) And there you have it ladies and gentlemen – Welcome to the VUCA (Volatile; Uncertain, Chaotic, Ambiguous) world!

When I look at the current pace of technological developments, the digitisation of organisations, and the advent of Big Data, I fully agree with Sarah Horowitz, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, statement that “we are living through the biggest Industrial Revolution of our time.”

Life as we’ve known it has changed!

The most poignant question for me now is, how can we continue to change in order to realise the full potential of this revolution?

I say continue to change because I don’t think we have realised just how far we have come. We continue to refer to “the Millennials” and how different they appear to us when in fact although we may be digital immigrants, the use of technology in our daily lives has in fact become native to us.

We have embraced the information age, we are no longer standing immobilised in awe at the multitude of information available to us. No! Instead we have already learned how to deal with our hyperlinked society we continue to actively look for creative ways to set boundaries around the way in which we expose ourselves and take in all of the information around us. We are becoming skilled multitaskers able to work with a multitude of content within the connected global village; balancing this with the practice of Mindfulness and Presencing.

We are re-proving the importance of experiential learning through our personal transformation.

This brave new information age we entered did not come with a training guide, no facilitation notes and certainly no e-learning module. But what there has been is the unknown, the openness to asking “big” questions, the willingness to explore and experience a variety of answers.

More content is now being written on how we need to shift into creating learning experiences for learners, crafting learning journeys for them composed of knowledge nuggets.  We are suddenly talking about this “New breed of Learner” with shorter attention spans, who like bite sized knowledge delivered just in time. But I contest this, haven’t we always been this way?  Is it not that before this exponential growth of technology we were forced into an unnatural learning environment?

Sticking people into classrooms and feeding them information almost intravenously is not learning! This unnatural learning system is one that was set up out of convenience driven by metrics like bums on seats, previously unquestioned by the status quo, in which we were too afraid to try, too afraid to be curious, too afraid to question, too afraid to step out of our comfort zone. But, our comfort zone is not where learning takes place!

Learning happens at the edge of chaos, when we grapple with information in order to regain equilibrium! It is this through this rubbing of old against new world views that new neural pathways are developed – this is literally how we “Change our Minds”- through changing our neural networks!
I believe that what is being reflected in the current literature on learning is a reflection of what we have always known: We watch and we learn – we try and we learn – we fail and we learn!
We are realising is that as individuals have already embraced the change! We are open to the unknown, fearless in our curiosity.
We are the change we want to see in the world!  
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