by Justin Bodill   At the beginning of this year I stepped out of my comfort zone, followed a passion of mine and joined a High School 1sT Rugby team, as their Sports ‘Psychologist’. This has always

by Debbie Craig “Only you can take responsibility for your happiness


By Josef Langerman First published in Langerman Panta Rhei In our Modern IT Management Lecture series, we discussed Agile and Scrum frameworks in significant depth. An important part of these frameworks is the creation of self-organising teams. In

Gaylin Jee Follow me on Twitter @gaylinjee   Technological innovation does not drive social change. Rather, social change is usually driven by decisions we make about how to organise our world. These are the words of economic historian

by Mosima Selekisho International Women’s Day has a provocative theme this year – Balance for better and encourage action. Presumably, balance is currently poor and action is needed for women to reach their goals. Most would agree

[vc_row][vc_column width="2/3"][vc_column_text]by Paolo Giuricich CA (SA)   At the start of every new year, people are highly energised, focussed and readily reaffirm their psychological contracts with the people and organisations around them.  By some magical stroke of