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Our Vision

To be a talent voice for Africa and globally by 2020

Talent Talks connects talent professionals, exposes them to learning, thought leaders, research, critical reflection and assessment.

Our articles, daily newsletter, interactive forums and networks in Africa and globally, encourages debate, ignites robust conversation and dialogue and ensures that talent talks.

Why Talent Talks

We believe it is critical to showcase and acknowledge Africa’s talent and its success stories and personal journeys in the talent space. We want to start deep conversations, and actively seek solutions to address skills shortages, skills mismatches, develop and optimise talent, to grow the African economy.

About us

Talent Talks is positioning itself as the most talked about talent portal in Africa and globally – the ‘go to place’ for thought leadership in the talent space.

We connect thought leaders, C-suite executives, talent professionals, line manager and talent at every level within the organisation around talent.

Our editorial team and our contributors are passionate about talent. We recognise that talent is an organisation’s hearbeat, core strength and differentiator. We celebrate the fact that talent is not defined by race, creed, gender, age, educational level, or organisational level.

Talent Talks seeks to educate, entertain, inform, engage, inspire, challenge, collaborate, push boundaries and ignite ongoing conversations in the talent space, cross-generationally, crossculturally, across all levels of the organisation and all sectors of the economy.

Talent Talks is run by an independently owned private company.  It compliments but is totally independent of other publications. It is funded by advertising.

We acknowledge and thank our associate partner, SA Board for People Practices (SABPP), for their ongoing support and professionalism in growing the talent industry.

What we do

  • We post daily articles on talent management, leadership, talent development, youth talent, diversity, the future of work, technology, entrepeneurship, analytics and professional services.
  • We also post video interviews with thought leaders, links to other articles and research reports.
  • Our articles and interviews are relevant, topical, challenging, and controversial (at times).
  • We host monthly talent manager network breakfasts, bi-monthly masterclasses and an annual conference.

Contact us

Editorial Director:
Sue de Waal
Email:  editor@talenttalks.net
Mobile:  082 4916463

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in the article are not necessarily those of Talent Talks.
PUBLISHING POLICY: Editorial contributions are welcome. Articles are published at the editor-in chief’s discretion. We do not publish articles that are racist, sexist, ageist, or punt a particular political affiliation.
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