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About Us

Talent Talks Africa #TTA

Talent Talks Africa,, launched in October 2016 as a digital content platform. We connect talent to professionals and expose them to learning and thought leaders and to showcase and acknowledge Africa’s talent and its success stories and personal journeys in the talent space. Fresh articles, research reports and interviews are published daily and distributed to our 3,000 subscribers and an active social media network. Our focus is on the themes of wellbeing, leadership and innovation, the future of work, diversity, inclusion and belonging, doing business in Africa and hero stories.

Talent Connect Breakfasts have become our signature events . Companies host a breakfast in their “homes” to a personally invited audience. The concept of the Talent Connect Breakfasts is unique, as it brings people to company “homes” where they can showcase themselves, their successes and their challenges. This is valuable in terms of their employer value proposition both internally and externally. Our first Talent Connect Breakfast was hosted by Korn Ferry followed by PWC, Sasol, Heineken, McDonald’s and BASF.

Talent Talks Team

We are Sue de Waal, Bebe Oyegun-Adeoye and Lita Currie. We come from industry, we have strong networks in both industry and academia, and we know talent. We have access to multiple platforms and thought leaders. We are independent, and we position ourselves as a trusted partner. Through us you can tell your story.

Talent Talks Africa Offer

Today, Talent Talks Africa is invested in making a difference in 3 unique spaces within the Talent Landscape.

African Excellence. 

First in South Africa, and across our beautiful continent, our intent is to build a knowledge bank of academic and industry-based knowledge as organisations grapple with, innovate and grow in the areas of:

  • Doing business in Africa
  • Learning & Innovation
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging
  • The Future of Work
  • Wellbeing in the Workplace
Employee Experience.

Let’s Tell Your Stories to build your Employer Branding and Employee Value Proposition. Using subjects and content that matters to you, Talent Talks Africa offers you a unique solution to the challenges of

  • keeping employees connected within an increasingly complex world of work
  • Getting the right talent noticing your organization, and
  • Sustain your employer value proposition (EVP)

We provide a believable voice for promoting your employer value proposition and employer brand. Our product suite is extensive and includes on line and offline channels as well as the ability to provide bespoke consulting solution in Employee Experience, Talent, Learning and OD

Talent Meets.

In 2019, we launch our “Talent Meets” sessions. Where we look to connect “up and coming” talent with decision makers in industry to promote safe spaces for network building and exploring potential opportunities.