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About Us

Talenttalks is positioning itself as the most talked about talent portal in Africa – the ‘go to place’ for thought leadership in the talent management space. Our editorial team and our contributors are passionate about developing, managing and optimising talent. Talenttalks educates, entertains, informs, engages, inspires, challenges, pushes boundaries and ignites ongoing conversations in the talent space, cross-generationally, cross-culturally, across all levels of the organisation and all sectors of the economy. We showcase and acknowledge Africa’s talent, success stories and personal journeys. We start deep conversations and seek solutions to skills shortages, skills mismatches, and the need to develop talent, to grow the African economy. Talenttalks is run by an independently owned private company. It compliments but is totally independent of other publications. We acknowledge and thank all our associates, for their ongoing support and partnership that enables us to ignite a connectedness across Africa.