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About Us

Talent Talks Africa #TTA

Talenttalks Africa,, launched in October 2016 as a digital content platform to connect talent professionals, expose them to learning and thought leaders, as well as to showcase and acknowledge Africa’s talent and its success stories and personal journeys in the talent space. Fresh articles, research reports and interviews are published daily and distributed to over 3,000 of our subscribers and our active social media network.

Talenttalks Africa provides a solution that has been proven valuable in igniting a connectedness within our client and subscriber base. We believe that, as Africa, we have all that we need to create the sustainable and growth focused future we want; without losing our humanity. We use Africa’s gift of narrative to spark thinking and impact doing in corporate spaces.

In the changing world of work, the importance of a human and consistent Employee Experience is becoming more urgent for organizations. Using the seven (7) themes of #African Excellence (stories of real people making a difference); Authentic Leadership; Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging; Doing Business in Africa; Future of Work; Learning & Innovation; and Wellbeing in the Workplace, we create a neutral, quality curated space for sharing thought leadership content. A magic happens, inspiring a confidence as organizations own their story, telling it as it happens. Employees and external stakeholders engage in new and different ways.

Talenttalks Africa Offer

Talenttalks Africa provides a believable voice and offers you a unique solution to the challenges of keeping employees connected in an increasingly complex world of work. Our product suite is extensive. It includes on line and offline channels and bespoke consulting solutions in Employee Experience, Talent, Learning and OD. We support you in attracting the right talent to your organization, and, sustaining your employer value proposition (EVP).

Talent Connect Breakfasts have become our signature events. As the final leg of an integrated Employee Experience campaign, companies host a breakfast in their “homes” to a personally invited audience. The concept of the Talent Connect Breakfasts is unique, as it brings people to company “homes” where they can showcase themselves, their successes and their challenges. This is valuable in terms of their employer value proposition both internally and externally.