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About Us was created in 2016 as a digital content platform for the talent community, to help people to learn from one another by the sharing of stories and experiences and to grow and build the talent community and HR industry in South Africa.

I saw the natural gravitation towards digital content as an option to the conference model, a gift of learning and connection popping into people’s inboxes daily. Today, 3 and a half years later, houses a wealth of content, articles, podcasts and TalenttalksTV, a personal, available online reference library.

As we adjust, adapt and look towards a new normal, whatever that may be, with some level of positivity, the telescope falls on our resilience and wellbeing, our interconnectedness as humans, the value of community and accessibility to learning to help us navigate through the chaos and equip ourselves with critical future skills.

Talenttalks is now more relevant that ever!

You have experienced the value of Talenttalks. Help us to expand the network by encouraging your friends and colleagues to subscribe to our weekly newsletter and to join Talenttalks TV. Contact me if you are interested in promoting your product or service through Talenttalks. We can tailor a personal package for you.

Sue de Waal