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Are you glowing with health?

Many people allow low-grade ill health to be their normal: a slight ache here or there, a sluggish digestive system or irritable bowel syndrome a few days a week. They wake up exhausted day after day and because there is nothing drastically wrong, they live with it.

I wonder if this approach  is as good as it could be? Maybe with some awareness and a few focused tweaks people could feel a whole heap better. I wonder what would change if they did feel a bit better. Maybe their productivity would go up and their concentration would increase. Maybe they would have less inter-relationship strain, because they are less irritable and more patient. Maybe they wouldn’t feel as if they are dragging themselves around all of the time and then they would have more joy and delight in their life.

Maybe a few laser focused tweaks in the lifestyle department may bring about some shifts in the health department and the upward spiral would be vast. Even more vast, because the downward spiral would stop and so it would produce a double positive effect.

I invite you to take this Body Audit and get your score. When you answer the carefully chosen questions allow them to help you to see which areas of your health are not where you would like them to be. When you have completed the test, we will examine the scores. Be as honest with yourself as you can be when you answer.

Most of us do what we have always done, until the pain of doing so outweighs the gain we get from doing it that way, or until we see a compelling reason to change. Some of the questions may bring to light those aspects of your health you haven’t considered to be part of your health. Let the questions open your mind to what is really going on and to what the possibilities are!

Can you rate each of these answers out of 10?

How do you rate your wellbeing today?
How do you rate your present energy levels?
How quiet is your mind?
What is your level of focus?
How good is your memory?
How calm and peaceful are you?
How deeply do you sleep? (10 would be extremely deeply)
How connected to yourself do you feel?
What are your happiness and contentment levels?
How is your health? (10 would be fabulous health)
How pain free are you?
How happy are you with your weight? (10 is very happy)
How relaxed are you?
How good is your digestion? (10 is excellent)
How are your skin, hair and nails? ( 10 is great, glowing and growing fast)
How regularly does your stomach work? (10 is 1-2 x daily)(if you are going more than twice daily give yourself 5 and if you don’t go daily give yourself 5 or less if you are severely constipated)
How strong are you?
How flexible are you?
How is your libido? (10 is normal (feel like sex a few times a week)) (if you want it more than a few times a week or less, give yourself 5 or less)
How fit are you? (10 is brilliantly fit)

Add up your score out of 200 when you are done and find your percentage healthfulness. If you have less than 80% I would suggest you could be feeling better. If you feel better, you will be more productive and effective in the world and at work. Remember health is the treasure of the well that only the sick understand and can see. Don’t wait until you are really sick to start valuing your health. Make it your treasure today while you still can!

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