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Want to know how to build a winning team in schools?

The GC Index and Young People Index – Working in a symbiotic relationship in schools

The Challenge
By Helen Rivero, Director of the Young People Index in the UK – 
Andrew Roberts-Wray, the visionary head teacher newly appointed to lead Yarrells Preparatory School is passionate about providing individualised and personalised learning that nurtures happy and motivated pupils and provides them with the self-belief and skills that last a lifetime. So, a priority for him, when joining the school, was to ensure he had a dynamic leadership team who could drive this vision forward.

The Solution
The leadership team completed The GC Index® and took part in a workshop to understand one another’s inclinations and how they could make their best impact within the team. The session was successful in ensuring everyone understood how their colleagues contribute, how best to communicate and how they could work together more effectively.

The Index now forms part of the school’s performance management framework to help identify how the leadership team and teaching staff can grow and how performance can be improved to enhance the children’s learning.

Students in the school are in the process of completing The YP Index which will give them a greater self-awareness as well as helping teachers understand their individual strengths that will be relevant throughout their lives and in any career they choose.

The Impact
By gaining a better insight into how colleagues make their impact and contribute, the new leadership team gelled very quickly. This enabled them to develop a set of shared goals and a sound strategy to improve performance and help students.

Andrew Roberts-Wray, Head Teacher at Yarrells Preparatory School, says, “The GC Index® has helped us, as a relatively new leadership team, gel quickly and drive performance to support our students. As a team we understand each other better which has empowered us to be more open – this is helping us achieve a belief, culture, confidence, and professionalism that would otherwise have taken us years.

Insights from The YP Index® are helping the school understand what support needs to be provided to guide young people and prepare them for the world of work.

“Taking the GC Index had a profound effect on my life and its direction. If I’d known at school what I know now my life would have been very different and I would have worked in positions that worked for me – I’d have been much more successful. Now I have the confidence and understanding on how my character works, my strengths and weaknesses I can make the most of who I am.”
(Gcologist, Former Police Office, now Photographer)

Are schools doing enough to recognise the individual non academic strengths of pupils?
Do you know how your pupils like to contribute? Do they know? How will this impact them when taking choices at school or in their future careers?

Is it vital that we recognise the individual strengths of young people, not only the academic or sporting achievements but where young people can have the greatest impact on the world.

The Young People Index, powered by the GC Index is a revolutionary online instrument that enables education professionals to identify and nurture the key talents of pupils; the leaders and workforce of the future.  The assessment tool highlights pupils natural preferences and inclinations in terms of how they contribute to a team, project or organisation and thus boost confidence and self-awareness. It is so vital that each child is aware of their own individual strengths and skills so they can not only see the value in the classroom but are also able to make more informed choices about their future.

The key benefits for leaders, teachers and learners

  • Develop a game changing leadership team within which people have a shared understanding of each others contribution
  • Teachers can deliver more informed and meaningful career education using the YPI career provision framework
  • Teachers can adapt and hone the learning experience to achieve greater depth learning
  • Each learner is aware that they have individual strengths, skills, talent and so self esteem is immediately raised thus improving motivation and engagement levels

“Based on my assessment, would I be suited to a large organisation or a small whereby my ideas would be listened to and valued?” (Pupil, aged 15)

“I would prefer to work in an organisation where I was able to demonstrate my playmaker inclination and get the best out of others by recognising their strengths, not somewhere where I worked alone”. (pupil, aged 11, Playmaker/Strategist)

We firmly believe that the Young People Index will give pupils a better insight into how they can make an impact on this world!

For more information contact – 0044 (0) 7540267189

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